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Prince of Persia

It’s not exactly subtle – he literally has the word “Entitled” tattooed on his neck, and the in-game radio and TV’s outright piss-takes don’t leave much to the imagination – but it is often extremely funny, and sometimes provocative with it.

The Last of Us

When shooting breaks out, as it often does in the lives of these criminals, you have a terrific variety of weapons at your disposal that you can customize with suppressors, scopes, flashlights and other doodads. By default, your aim snaps to enemies


Player Reset se creó con el propósito de brindar a la comunidad una información limpia, libre de todo prejuicio y antipatía de los malos jugadores.

Aquí somos jugadores que como tú buscan opiniones sinceras, imparcial y sin ir al favoritismo de ninguna compañía en particular


Esta es la edición coleccionista de Far Cry 5 https://t.co/QMiNM6nwl6 https://t.co/ZOCqRi0zXi
Activision patenta un matchmaking con microtransacciones https://t.co/gRe2eKV2tj https://t.co/hk6SvAgme5
Ya hay fecha para Doom en Switch https://t.co/MKV6kCBMeM https://t.co/TRrnKCB0jK